Nareh Hartonian has always had a passion for working with young children. With strong centralized beliefs in children being our future thus early development is extremely important, she has served her community by remaining a preschool teacher for 15 years and a one on one tutor with children of all ages later in her career. She enjoys providing a responsible and nurturing environment to ensure that children get the proper physical, social, emotional, language, and cognitive development. Nareh strongly believes these domains of development are the early foundations for our future. Moreover Ms. Hartonian has been an behavior interventionist in helping children with special needs and is accustomed to fostering age appropriate activities to insure it includes the “whole child”, giving strategic opportunities to reach their highest potential in life. In addition, referring to the child, their families, and their environment and concluding that the child’s family and environment has a direct impact on their growth and development.

Smart Kids Don’t Get High Foundation understands these correlations between the environment and children. Outside of the school setting, Drug prevention and knowledge is vital in today’s world. With the recent Fentanyl epidemic reaching a potential peak, it’s vital to educate our
young and that is why Nareh Hartonian chose to support and be apart of Smart Kids Don’t Get High.

“A great teacher doesn’t show a child where to go, but guides the child in the right direction”