We believe early education about Fentanyl and other illegal drugs could help save children lives.

Smart Kids Don’t Get High Foundation is a 501c3 Non Profit organization.


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Elementary and Middle School Edition

Substance awareness at the Elementary and Middle School  comprehension level.

High School Edition

Substance awareness at the High School  comprehension level.

About Us

Smart Kids Don’t Get High foundation is a registered nonprofit organization based out of Los Angeles, California. Started in 2014 by John Watts, Smart Kids Don’t Get High has been on a mission to educate and provide personalized services in the fight against substance abuse for adolescents and our youth in the greater Los Angeles Area.

Founder, Board & Team

John Watts

Founder and Executive Director Entrepreneur/CEO and Author

Meet John

Nestor Enrique Valencia Guerrero

Former Mayor, Health Care Delivery Expert, Public Health Education Advocate

Meet Nestor

Alexandria Berry, B.A.

Certificate in both Early Childhood and Elementary Education.

Meet Alexandria

Shirley Woods, M.S., B.A.

Educational Consultant Entrepreneur and Author

Meet Shirley

VaSonne J. McDonald, B.A.

Social Worker/Entrepreneur

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Children become strong-minded individuals and building safer communities for future generations.

Personal Change

Assisting in effective decision-making will lead to charismatic personalities in our children lives for years to come.

Creating Structure

Creating awareness and instilling positive mindsets will ultimately help disrupt the correlation between using and not using drugs. Furthermore creating a structure that children will follow for years to come.
Developing Smart-Kidz – Making Smart Choices
Understanding the effects of marijuana and why it shouldn’t be touched. Teaching awareness and possible consequences as a result of drug use. Furthermore educating on how consequences could lead to problems within themselves and their family. Awareness of the evils of drug experimentation will extend their early development and have a positive mindset on their decision-making. Instilling common knowledge that bad decisions lead to negative consequences.

Understanding that there’s always the option to say “NO” illegal substances. The youth have control of their future. The Smart-Kids Don’t Get High foundation can contribute and ensure that they have a successful life, health and well-being. Smart-Kids Don’t Get High foundation educates the youth on utilizing their voices to speak up about commitment to abstain from using illegal substances and furthermore to educate their friends, family and community. Spread the positivity one child at a time.

Educating youth on decision-making. During the
developmental stages there’s plenty of distractions.  Educating
the youth to be responsible for their choices. Smart Kids Don’t
Get High Foundation acts a support system and providing
trustworthy resources in addition to listening to feedback and
learns from in addition to their parents and teachers.

Educating our youth refuse to associate with individuals that use illegal substances to stop the influence.  Moreover they should connect with friends who do not choose to use marijuana, or other illegal substances, to avoid peer pressure. If children are hanging out with a group that is using drugs they may want to think about making new friends. We influence children to have the choice not to have to “go along to get along”.

Educating our youth to be unique while being responsible.
Children can learn to do better when they are taught to know
better. Remember, there is nothing cool about using illegal
substances. Children should be taught the importance of caring
about their grades, graduating, attending college, pursuing their
dreams or owning their own business and why “Just Saying No”
is an important part of achieving those goals. Children using
illegal substances can make it difficult to concentrate in school,
in sports and in activities.

Children seek to self educate from foundation derivatives,
resources at school, and within their communities about illegal

Educating our youth to thrive and become good citizens,
good friends and have good character. Teaching our children to
set a positive example for their friends, teachers, and family
and in their community. Our children do not forget that their
actions speak louder than words. Our children learn ways to
form a solid foundation in school, at home and in their
communities. Our children should explore clear direction for
their life that can have lasting rewards for them today, tomorrow
and in the future.


To whom it may concern: February 2023

My name is Shirley Woods. I have been employed with Los Aneles Unified School District for 30 years as a Mathematics Teacher.

This material was used in our Science and English classes for book reports and PowerPoints given by the students. This particular subject motivated the students and kept them engaged to give feedback to their peers and also to the teacher. The students walked away with more knowledge about this subject matter to help themselves and also others.

Respectfully Submitted,

Shirley Woods
Hollywood High School


Suicide prevention: 1-800-273-8255

Substance Abuse (800) 662-HELP (4357) 

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. 

1 (800) NCA-CALL (622-2255)