Laura has served 25 years in Real Estate in the capacities, as a Notary, An Underwriter II, and a Licensed Realtor. As a Licensed Realtor, she was able to see and experience young teens squatting and taking residency in vacant homes due to being homeless and on drugs. She would often try to speak with them and lend them an ear to share their concerns and problems that kept them from attending school.

Hearing their stories would remind her of her younger brother who started using crack cocaine during the crack cocaine epidemic in the 1980’s. He was working for UPS as a driver at the time and eventually lost everything. He had been in and out of rehab and jail for years and every time he got clean; he would relapse right back into his old habits.

Laura’s family tried so many times to help him over the last 30 years but to no avail. Had there been a program like Smart Kids Don’t Get High back when her brother was younger, it could have educated him on what drug abuse was doing to this body and possibly have saved his life.

This is when she became an advocate for educating our children about the dangers of drugs. It became her passion and working with the Smart Kids Don’t Get High Foundation has allowed her to follow her passion and have a platform to reach out to as many children and teenage youths nationwide.