John Watts, Founder of Smart Kids Don’t Get High Foundation had
several visions. For over forty years he has entertained the public,
provided medical assistance to the elderly and now his passion is to
educate today’s youth about the dangers of drugs and to encourage
them to stay drug free.

Mr. Watts’ hope is to help millions of children worldwide to understand the harm that drugs can cause. Over the years his vision became his passion after a family member became homeless from a crack addiction stemming from just a marijuana habit.  His story began in 1984 when his youngest sister who at the age of ten began smoking marijuana but by the end of the eighties became a victim
of the crack epidemic in Los Angeles, California. For many years John
attempted to seek help for his sister with no luck and, sadly, his family
lost her to the streets and crack.

In 2014 John pledged to make a difference and started his own non-
profit organization sharing his painful experience with his sister to young children between the ages of 6-18 and to educate them on how dangerous today’s drugs are and how by getting high doesn’t just affect them, but how it also affects those who love them.